Custom made leather bags by Atelier 10TIEN

Design your custom made leather bags together with Dutch designer Martina Braas, from Atelier 10TIEN in Amsterdam. Determine the shape, layout, leather, lining and accessories yourself and put together your very own custom made leather bag with the help of a professional bag designer.

Below you’ll find all the options with which you can design your custom made leather bag. Designer Martina breathes life into your unique bag design with the right sketches, leather samples and accessories. This way you instantly get a thorough idea of ​​the end result and you remain involved during the manufacturing process of your custom made leather bag.

Need inspiration? Check Atelier 10TIEN’s portfolio of custom made leather bags, or the collection of limited edition bags.


The wonderful thing about custom made leather bags is that everything can be adapted to your personal preferences. Are you looking for a unique and exclusive microbag, clutch, handbag, shoulder bag, shopper of a weekend bag? Do you prefer a leather bag combined with other materials? Everything is possible, so let your imagination run free!


The layout of your custom made leather bag is completely yours to determine. After all, everyone has his or her own needs and preferences. That’s why it’s nice you can determine for yourself which zippered compartments, open compartments, keycords and the like you prefer to see in your custom made leather bag.

Leather and lining

Atelier 10TIEN provides you with a nearly endless choice in types of leather and lining for your own custom made leather bag. Do you love leather with a structure, or do you prefer it smooth? All wishes are negotiable. The same applies to the lining: would you like something minimalistic or rather a high-contrast design that really stands out? At Atelier 10TIEN you decide!


To a large extent the yarn you use determines the look of your custom made leather bag. Opt for a yarn that matches the colour of the leather, or for a striking contrast colour. Make it as toned down or exuberant as you like.


Accessories are the finishing touch of your custom made leather bag. At Atelier 10TIEN you can choose from various types of accessories in different materials and colours. Of course you can also opt for a cool minimalistic look and use as few accessories as possible. It’s all up to you!


The most beautiful moment is when my customers fantasy and my craftsmanship combine to create a custom made leather bag that simply spreads happiness!”

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