Atelier 10TIEN from Amsterdam makes bespoke leather goods. Design your dream bag, belt or other accessories together with designer Martina Braas and you are guaranteed a piece of leather fashion that no one else has. You choose the shape, layout, leather, lining and accessories that fit the image of your very own bespoke leather goods. Martina then makes the sketches and produces your item. The whole process can be followed closely from start to finish. This way you can put together your bespoke leather goods together with a real fashion professional from Amsterdam.

Bespoke leather goods

Atelier 10TIEN (10TEN) means: no compromises, short nights, countless possibilities and just as many choices. Martina knows her craft and persistently puts a maximum amount of creativity into the design of your bespoke leather goods. Your wishes are hardly ever too crazy. Something you see reflected in the choice of materials for the bespoke leather goods from Atelier 10TIEN. Do you have a bag in your closet made of springbok, salamander, python or Thai beetle? Probably not. But now you can too! Feel free to check out 10TIEN’s creations below for inspiration. Let’s get to work and make the bespoke leather goods of your dreams!

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